Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

What We Do

Tzaneen Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a wildlife rehabilitation centre for indigenous birds, raptors, small mammals and reptiles.

  • Necessary knowledge to know NOT when to rescue an animal;
  • Familiar with the basic physiology and anatomy of indigenous birds, raptors, small mammals and reptiles;
  • Assessment of animals in distress;
  • Necessary nutrition facts;
  • Understanding of most common injuries dealt with by wildlife rehabilitators;
  • Broken limbs in birds, mammals and reptiles;
  • Orphaned animals;
  • Oiled or dirty wildlife;
  • Common sicknesses that wildlife rehabilitators see;
  • What to do in emergency situations;
  • Keeping the wild, WILD!;
  • Field work in various environments;
    Release! How you know when your animal friend is ready to go back to the wild;
  • The importance education and outreach